Link Building Services

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Link Building Services

One of the key aspects of our integrated approach to SEO and digital marketing is link building. Earning links from high-authority online venues is crucial to achieving higher ranks on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Our link building services are focused on getting your brand in front of your target audience to drive targeted and organic traffic. Our years of digital marketing experience combined with our honest, transparent, and integrated approach ensures lasting results. When brainstorming to develop a customised link building strategy for our clients, our focus is on quality rather than quantity. It is because we know only high-quality and relevant links matter today. Our thoughtful customisation and adaptive link building strategies help our clients achieve their business and marketing goals through our affordable link building services.

Link Building Services
Types of Links we build

Types of Links we build

Guest Posting

Our link building company consists of content specialists that create unique, engaging and informational content for your brand. These guest posts are then submitted on an authoritative website to deliver your message to the audience. We can also promote these guest posts on social media to generate more traffic. Sometimes known as blogger outreach this is the best type of link building available for high quality backlinks.

Business Directories

Directories are links built on business directories, local directories and niche relevant databases websites. They are used by businesses to increase their reach in a local area or niche.


Citations are similar to directories and can include information like name, address and phone number but may not include a link back to the website. They are still valuable in the way they enforce the strength of the business brand and profile. Brand mentions and backlinks from high DR websites whilst are common are essential for any link building campaign.

Brand Lockdowns

A brand lockdown is a system for a business/brand to build directories, social profiles and as many accounts as possible across the internet.

Social Profiles

Profiles on social media accounts like facebook, twitter, instagram and 200+ other accounts. These are used to secure brand names, build links and authority. They are sometimes called foundational links


Editorials are articles written about specific businesses with the goal to drive referral traffic and boost the brand. They are created through specific digital PR methods and are highly valuable links

Niche edits

Our team reaches out to authority websites and offer to add contextual backlinks to their existing content. Since we use only white hat niche edits, you can rest assured that all the inbound links from these websites will be legitimately earned.

Why Do You Need Link Building Services?

Our SEO link building services would give your website that much-needed mileage to increase its results in the search engine results pages. Having a beautiful and user-friendly website wouldn't help your business much if no other website links to you. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., use inbound links as top ranking factors. If you're looking to gain higher traffic or achieve the top position for particular terms in search engine results, our authority link building service can help you achieve and sustain top rankings in your niche. Building links can help your website and brand not only achieve better search rankings, improve your backlink profile and increase domain authority they can help with other marketing efforts.

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Increased Authority & Brand Building

Our white hat guest post link building services would help your website increase its domain authority in your sector. It helps gain trust among your target audience and build credibility with search engines that directly impact lead conversion and revenue growth. Our ongoing link building services can enhance your brand awareness and establish you as a brand in your niche in due course. It is quintessential to long-term business growth and sustainability, especially in a highly competitive market.

SEO Link Building

With our inbound link services, it becomes easier for you to enhance your web presence drastically. When many high-authority web venues are linking to your website, it helps drive higher traffic and get into the search engine's good books. As a result, you rank higher and increase the visibility of your website.

Link Building Tactics

Our link building services for SEO agencies, online businesses, offline businesses, and others, help drive referral traffic to your website. Our time-tested White Hat link building services follows an organic link building process. We ensure the links are placed only on relevant and high-authority websites, which means your website gets targeted traffic. It helps in higher lead generation and conversion, resulting in generating higher revenue.

Simply put, link building is the process of getting links from other high-authority websites to your website. As per Google, link building is one of the top three ranking factors. Search engines use links to crawl between the pages of the website and one website to the other. A well-implemented link building strategy can drastically improve the website’s ranking as well as authority. It helps drive referral and targeted traffic to your website while building better visibility among your target audience. 

Link building today is far more difficult than it used to be, and rightly so. Today, the value of links is weighed in terms of relevancy and context. Our qualitative, relevant, and organic approach to link building helps our clients boost their online presence and achieve their business objectives with ease. The studies and research conducted on ranking factors proved that sites with more (external) links rank higher. So, if you’re looking for inbound link building service to achieve higher traffic, relevancy, and revenue, our link building services  would be more than instrumental. 

For an effective link building services campaign, it is essential to follow the time-tested route that we have developed over years of experience. 

Our link building services  includes developing value-oriented content assets that help build your credibility in the market. Our innovative and result-oriented approach towards content creation involves a variety of content, including 

  • Insightful Blog Posts
  • Research-Based Guides
  • Visually Appealing Data-Driven Infographics
  • Customised Content Assets
  • Niche Relevant Tools and Widgets
  • Broken link building
  • Creating quality content
  • Links from Content Assets

Our White Label link building packages starts with developing content that relevant blogs and internet resources would love to publish on their website with a link to your website. Without being worthy of being linked to, crafting the best SEO link building services is impossible. It is why we focus on creating content that focuses on delivering value to your target audience. With a strong content marketing background our team creates high quality articles for the best link building efforts.

  • This depends on budget and strategy. We can source links at a high volume for a client if required to move the needle. If you want better inventory there is a separate price for this which comes with SLA’s and guarantees around quality, Referring domain metric, SSL certs, proper authors and no mention of buying links. We can also get editorials at a custom price per site – anywhere from $300 per link to $2000 per link.

We can get different guarantees depending on the volume / client. It’s generally 6 months for a replacement link if required. With the better inventory if they nofollow it or rel= it to be less effective it will be case by case. For link tracking we can recommend

We are a fully whitelabel link building agency and Content is handled by the team but we like to restrict clients involvement in it, it really slows things down and causes delivery delays. If you want editorialised content it needs to be discussed prior.

Yes as much as possible for the right inventory. PBNs generally don’t yield the results either. PBN links is considered black hat and we advise clients against this sort of link building. Any black hat SEO strategy will not sustain permanent or long term results. If you suspect your seo agency is performing black hat seo we can provide a backlink audit to ensure you have a good backlink profile.

There’s a few ways we can do it, you can order per link i.e. “I want a DR20+ link with guaranteed traffic for $150” (just an example) you provide the client, target page and keywords we can use (we dont spam exact match unless you want us to). Or you can provide a client, a brief and a budget and we’ll look at building x amount of links over time – this yields better results as the team will get some big DR links in the mix. If you want as well you can get us to pre-scope and we’ll send you a list of targets prior to starting the campaign. 

Its dependent on quality and niche. Adult, Gambling and some other niches will be a higher cost but we source those links if required – just check with us before putting in an order. If we do see something odd we can flag it with you before payment.

Link building is the process of acquiring links from other authority sites to link to your own website. Link building is critical as it is one of the major factors in how top search engines such as Google rank pages. If there are several high-quality links that lead to a specific website, search engines consider them relevant and rank those higher than the websites without any links. However, it is important that these links are acquired from top-rated websites.

There is a right and a wrong way to achieve links for your website. When done correctly, link building can provide amazing results for your website, such as drive traffic and help you rank higher in search engines. If you are looking to build a reputation for your website and business and want long term results, it is important to stay away from shady tactics such as buying links as it can result in your website being penalized or, worse, banned from search results. 

Our experts at Technical Content Links use only white hat link building strategies depending on your specific industry requirements. If you’re interested in sourcing high quality backlinks to increase your search engine rankings then working with a link building company rather than an seo agency will generate results faster due to the number of links we are able to build for a similar sized retainer. Link building is time consuming and most digital marketing agency will not have the team or resources to focus on this offering.

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